Why We Build with Timber Kits

Since 1970 we have built our company on a foundation of quality workmanshipexceptional standards and sustainable homes

 This is why we use and manufacture our own timber-kits.

• Timber is a renewable building material and grows quicker than it’s used; Scottish Wood hold policy to re-grow more timber than is felled to ensure the future of our woodlands.

• A natural insulator, timber helps reduce energy needs when used in windows, doors and flooring. This increases the thermal insulation of your home while using less energy to heat!

• The design of timber homes can be engineered to exceed the strength of steel and concrete structures while being much lighter in comparison. This blend of strength and lightweight achieves great design flexibility from traditional homes to contemporary styles. The use of a timber frame in GS Brown homes has allowed the design of our spacious, open-plan properties!

• The majority of internal walls are not load bearing in timber frame structures; this allows changes to the floor plan without the structural consequences you might face with other materials.

 • The deadening of noise achieved with a timber frame home is remarkable, especially when considering it’s lightweight.

Excellence as Standard since 1970.