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Selling you Home - Handy hint number 4. Control your pets No buyer wants to be greeted at the door by your charming King Charles Spaniel. Or any other breed of dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig and so on. If possible, remove pets altogether when you're showing your property. Ask a friend or family member to take them off your hands for awhile, or better yet, take Cujo for a walk yourself. This brings us to our next point. Get out! Presumably your estate agent knows what she's doing and has sold some houses before. Why not leave her to get on with it? No offence, but prospective buyers don't really want you hovering over them while they're trying to nose around in your wardrobe and pass judgment on your crockery. It's a bit off-putting. If they feel awkward, they're much less likely to linger in your home and get the full impact of how great it is and how they'd very much like to buy it.

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