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Selling you Home - Handy hint number 1. Exterior appeal Stand outside your home and compare it to your neighbours' properties. If you do this and it makes you feel slightly mortified, it's likely that you've already failed to impress your potential buyers. Ask yourself: When was the last time I mowed the lawn? Have I ever cleaned those gutters out? Could those window frames use some fresh paint? Were those paving slabs always that uneven? Don't those children's toys have somewhere to be? Can people see my house number behind that embarrassingly overgrown shrub? Does a surplus of weeds say that I embrace all forms of nature, or that I'm a lazy homeowner who probably hasn't maintained the rest of the property very well either? If the thought of putting all this to rights makes you exhausted, consider hiring a handyman or landscaping service. They should be able to take care of it fairly quickly and inexpensively.

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