Homeownership is a security that gets us off the rental market and provides you and your family a sense of stability, as living costs rise much faster than pension pots. Apart from the fact that home building contributes £570m to Scotland’s central & local government finances, housing development benefits to individuals need a closer look.

Housing developments regenerate land and build housing for mixed tenure, mostly for ownership. Throughout the construction process, the new builds are marketed and sold off-plan and/or following completion.


A housing development is usually located in master-planned, residential neighbourhoods. While choosing a home in a family-friendly area can require a lot of careful consideration, all that has been strategically considered for you by the home developers when placing the development. The locations have good travel links and close proximity to schools, hospitals, and shops. Most property development footprints are designed with roads, parks, shops, and recreational amenities in mind, which contribute to local infrastructure. Buying a home in a residential development means that the planning is done for you in such a way that you are conveniently placed in a catchment area with shops, GP surgery, and amenities only minutes away.

And let’s not forget financial incentives offered for new builds such as Help-to-Buy, which are exclusive to new build homes.


New builds are new in every way. From the latest innovative raw materials, to utilising the most up-to-date technology — developments use higher baseline standards. When you buy a home in a new development, you know you are getting the most current building standards and benchmarks from foundation to roof. Work surfaces, bathroom fittings, in-built closets/cupboards, electrical components, and finishes get upgraded with each new development. Minimal, clean designs and adhering to recommended building regulations offers better spaces for living. Structural safety, fire safety, electrical safety, toxic substance control are all part of improved building standards. Efficiency in drainage and waste disposal is also a plus new builds have.

You even get the opportunity to choose the types of fixtures and fittings you like. Builders ensure that they keep up with energy-efficient standards as well. Lighting, heating, glazing, roofing, insulating, and fixed appliances are all selected for higher energy-efficiency ratings. It means you will be saving on energy bills with these more than conventional services and standards in existing builds. New builds come with guarantees from the builder and the National House Building Council. A 10-year warranty covers maintenance costs and structural repair costs.

Community and Neighbourhood

One of the most resounding social benefits a development offers is the neighbourhood. Often, when moving into an already, sometimes long-established neigbourhood, it takes time to form meaningful social ties. However, at a development, everyone starts their journey together, giving them the opportunity to know one another at the same time and form social relationships much faster. It becomes a community of its own and a place that promotes close neighbourly ties.

Open spaces in housing developments offer residents opportunities for recreational activities, which contribute to better physical health, fitness, mental health, and wellbeing. This environment also provides opportunities for social interaction across the larger community, encouraging social inclusion and community development.


Homes built for the modern age put security first. From security locks to burglar alarms, developers try to burglar-proof and secure each home. The neighbourhood, too, with its landscaped gardens, walkways, streetlights, and familiar faces, contribute to better security. Housing developments are usually located in friendly neighbourhoods where there’s a good social repute. Builders do not choose high crime areas or disreputable neighbourhoods for home building, as that could endanger the value of the development. Locations are also selected mostly in suburban areas where it is quiet and leafy, and no traffic can bother you. You won’t find speeding cars or unsavoury establishments in the neighbourhood. Children will be quite safe walking to school or playing outdoors.

Resale Value

New builds are higher in value than older properties. When you are reselling the property, you are looking at a better selling price. Although old builds are cheaper to buy, buyers end up doing a lot of renovating, sometimes amounting to the price of a new build. Buyers are aware of this and would want to buy a home that is made to modern specifications rather than something they need the money and time to retrofit. Potential buyers will also consider the benefits that come with the location, neighbourhood, and amenities.

Buying a new build is one of the most future-proofed property investments you can make. A family-friendly neighbourhood, planned open spaces, hi-spec interiors, quality exteriors, and features necessary for a comfortable, contemporary life come readymade with it. You won’t be spending money trying to upgrade or make it energy-efficient for a very long time, as the latest technology and regulations are adhered to when building one. GS Brown Construction has built and sold coveted developments in Scotland for over 50 years.