It may not surprise you that research shows a correlation between neighbourhoods and the well-being of children. Growing up in peaceful neighbourhoods with green spaces and social capital improves emotional and physical well-being. As a parent, you want the best for your children. A happy childhood is one of the most fundamental of aspirations. Happy children tend to become happy adults. Where you choose to live has long-term effects on family life. Living in family-friendly neighbourhoods significantly enhances the well-being of both children and families. With our selection of family-centric locations in Scotland, you’ll find yourself re-evaluating your priorities when it comes to purchasing a home.

Factors to consider when purchasing a home for your family

Meeting the correct residential requirements increases your quality of life. So, let’s review a few factors that should be considered when making this decision.


An ideal location fulfils various everyday needs. These include how far you are from workplaces and schools, how conveniently you can travel, the amenities offered and how safe it is.

Travel links, clean air, open spaces, greenery, good schools and community all matter. See how many boxes the location ticks. Requirements differ from family to family. However, there are some necessities we all cannot do without. The idyllic location provides them all without costly compromise.


Assess public transportation options, specifically if you rely on them for daily commuting or travel. Catching a bus or train should be easy enough. Be practical about your considerations. Not every town has a railway station, but determine the distance to the nearest one. If it is not too far, the location is a contender.

Hop on and off buses to see how quickly you can get where you want to go. Sometimes, it is smooth sailing, and you may not even dream of it! Pay attention to the distance to amenities like shops, cafes, pubs and schools. Some residential properties, such as new developments, are only a stroll away from amenities.


Evaluate the educational standards of schools within your reach and their respective catchment areas. Every parent holds aspirations for their children, yet it’s crucial to prioritise a well-rounded lifestyle for them. Remember, there are numerous excellent schools in every locality.


What is life without leisure? While screen time and video gaming keep children occupied, play and physical activity help their healthy development. Look for parks, leisure centres, entertainment venues, nature trails and green spaces available. Consider the safety of the lanes for cycling and walking. Tranquil parks and green spaces are the perfect excuses for family picnics. Survey the area for cultural attractions for family outings.


Buying a home also means buying a membership in the local community. A safe, supportive and strong community is an asset. Community engagement creates sports clubs, hobby clubs, special interest groups, and organisations. It allows children to make friends and pursue passions in their locality. Parents can also find like-minded groups to socialise with. Family-centric neighbourhoods have neighbourhood watch groups, parent networks and family support groups.

Family-centric locations in Scotland


Located in Perthshire, Methven is a quaint Scottish village steeped in history. Nestled just six miles west of Perth, its convenient proximity to the city centre, only 15 minutes away by car, makes it an ideal blend of rural tranquillity and urban accessibility. Situated along the A85, Methven enjoys excellent connectivity with Edinburgh and Glasgow, both reachable within a one-hour drive. Additionally, the charming market town and holiday destination of Crieff lies just 12 miles away.

Within Methven, residents benefit from a range of amenities that cater to their daily needs. From shops and eateries to cafes, restaurants, a pub, a post office, a garage, and a chemist, the village ensures convenience for its inhabitants.

Adding to its allure, Methven boasts the magnificent Methven Castle and its sprawling grounds, serving as the village’s crown jewel. Here, visitors can revel in the beauty of the park, complete with a play area and tennis court, while soaking in the rich history of the area. Moreover, Methven offers recreational facilities like a skate park and a vibrant community centre, fostering a sense of camaraderie among its residents.

For families, Methven is an idyllic setting to raise children, with Methven Primary School providing quality education in a nurturing environment. Surrounded by picturesque countryside, the village offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities and nature pursuits.

Those seeking additional amenities and cultural experiences can easily access the nearby city of Perth, which offers attractions, ranging from concert halls to historic palaces.


The River Ericht flows past this traditional market town, which is historic and beautiful. Located 16 miles north of Perth, it is a self-contained town with numerous amenities. Supermarkets, a premium golf course, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, a sports hall and a selection of good schools serve the residents well. The town also has a community hospital, care homes, dentists, opticians and a physiotherapy clinic.

Nestled at the entrance to Glenshee, Blairgowrie is on one of Scotland’s Great Trails – the Cateran Trail. Its location at the foot of the Grampians, on the Strathmore Valley, makes it one of the most scenic places to buy property in Scotland. There are a slew of community groups for all interests and passions. From festivals to the famous Blairgowrie and Rattray Highland Games, you can look forward to a packed social calendar. Families have the space, freedom, support and safety to thrive here.


Welcome to the most scenic part of the Aberdeenshire coast. This historic harbour town includes stunning beaches and coves. Sheltered from rough winds by the hills to the north and south, Stonehaven is calm and tranquil. Aberdeen is only 20 minutes away, and Dundee is only an hour away. Stagecoach operates direct bus services to Stonehaven from Aberdeen and the surrounding area. The town is on the main East Coast railway line with direct services to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the good primary and secondary schools serving the area. Let us also not forget the University of Aberdeen, one of the best in the country, only a few miles away. There are two hospitals, a coastal golf club, a heated open-air swimming pool, shops, restaurants, eateries, pubs and hotels. Buying a house in Stonewall is a ticket to unending seaside bliss.


Conveniently located just 18 miles west of Perth, Crieff is an ideal base for commuting to major cities like Stirling, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. This town is home to various iconic landmarks, such as the Crieff Hydro Hotel and the historic Glenturret Distillery. The town centre is a vibrant hub of traditional Scottish charm, with a wide range of independent, family-run businesses offering the best of food and drink, clothing, gifts, crafts and the arts.

Beyond its rich culture and heritage, Crieff is also an ideal destination for those considering property investment or relocation. With its scenic surroundings and proximity to outdoor recreational facilities,  it offers an inviting atmosphere coupled with modern amenities and a thriving community for buyers.

Family-centric life at GS Brown Developments 

When purchasing a property for the family, it’s crucial to think long-term. Factors such as schools, space, and the community can greatly impact family well-being. Scotland boasts many picturesque towns and villages, but we believe that Methven, Blairgowrie, Crieff and Stonehaven stand out as some of the most family-centric locations for raising children and thriving as families.

At GS Brown Developments, we offer homes that prioritise both convenience and scenic surroundings. Our energy-efficient homes feature thoughtfully designed interiors, modern amenities, and contemporary specifications. With forward-thinking planning, we ensure that our homes are sustainable for the future. Explore the craftsmanship, design, and specifications of our new homes today.


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A family run business building high quality new homes in Scotland, with Excellence as Standard since 1970. We have built our reputation on high quality housing and go to great lengths to ensure every one of our properties is not only a comfortable home but also a valuable investment. Our houses are planned for modern day living, with energy efficiency and quality finishings being major factors at the design stage.

Author: GS Brown Team

A family run business building high quality new homes in Scotland, with Excellence as Standard since 1970. We have built our reputation on high quality housing and go to great lengths to ensure every one of our properties is not only a comfortable home but also a valuable investment. Our houses are planned for modern day living, with energy efficiency and quality finishings being major factors at the design stage.